The Camel Project

CamelAfter working as a Director of Photography in film and television for twenty five years, I felt a strong desire to return to my early passion of photography. The challenge of capturing a story or character in a fraction of a second, instead of the weeks and months involved in shooting and editing a film. Suddenly I was working on my own, without a director, crew or production team. It felt incredibly liberating and gave me back that time where I could work at my own pace and stop to talk to the people I was meeting, instead of rushing off with a busy documentary schedule to meet.

Camel-2The “Camel” project is a photographic essay I started in 2011. The camel is such an extraordinary creature and lives on the edge of many different life sustaining landscapes around the world. This “survivor” became my prism, the staring point for looking at nomadic peoples, fragile ecosystems, desertification and man’s existence within desert lands, plus that most valuable resource – water.

The photographs have been taken on a Hasselblad medium format camera, shooting on Ilford black and white stock and the countries I have visited include The Sudan, Mongolia, India and The United Arab Emirates.