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The Camel Project

CamelAfter working as a Director of Photography in film and television for twenty five years, I felt a strong desire to return to my early passion of photography. The challenge of capturing a story or character in a fraction of a second, instead of the weeks and months involved in shooting and editing a film. Suddenly I was working on my own, without a director, crew or production team. It felt incredibly liberating and gave me back that time where I could work at my own pace and stop to talk to the people I was meeting, instead of rushing off with a busy documentary schedule to meet.
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Spent most of October in The Sudan. The North Kordofan region is approximately 300 miles west of Khartoum. I travelled with author and explorer, Michael Asher, as we retraced his footsteps along the Wadi El Malik, a journey he first undertook over 30 years ago. He was relieved to discover that this corner of The Sahara Desert had changed very little since his last visit. The full account of his journey in 1982 can be read in his excellent book “A Desert Dies”.
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Hipstomatic Project

What draws me to the Hipstomatic app are the early memories of photography as a boy. All the photographs taken within my family as I grew up were taken on Polaroid cameras. Moments captured and developed in sixty seconds. The high contrast images, the square format and the filmic feeling of timelessness.

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