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Arnhem Veterans

Titus and I completed our whistle stop tour of the UK completing 1000 miles in 4 days, bringing our total number of Arnhem veteran interviews to seventeen. I am still amazed at the spirit, modesty and humour of these amazing men.

The excellent editor, Dan Glendenning, is currently viewing the rushes and looking to cut a pilot film to raise some further finance for the project.


Century Films

Latest filming trip with Brian was to Malaga in Spain. A welcome contrast to the freezing conditions in Sweden.


Veterans from the battle of Arnhem

My good friend Titus Mills and I are currently pursuing a personal project filming some of the surviving veterans from the battle at Arnhem in 1944 fought during the Second World War. We are planning to film as many interviews as possible this year before the 70th Anniversary Memorial Service weekend in September.

I have been personally struck by the bravery, dignity and modesty of these men.


Century Films

Currently working with Brian Hill on a theatrical release documentary for Film Four and the BFI.


Florin Street

Last shoot of 2013 involved filming in a beautiful 14th century Tithe barn in Englishcombe, just outside Bath. This new Christmas video, written and performed by Leigh Haggerwood, is part of his new Florin Street Christmas musical.
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Aldi commercial

Shot a commercial with fellow DOP Mark Wolf and Director Joe Bullman for Aldi supermarkets. Lots of fun in a street market in Croydon town centre until the heavens opened and everything got very wet.

Client – Aldi • Agency – McCann Manchester • Production Company – The Bare Film Company



Spent most of October in The Sudan. The North Kordofan region is approximately 300 miles west of Khartoum. I travelled with author and explorer, Michael Asher, as we retraced his footsteps along the Wadi El Malik, a journey he first undertook over 30 years ago. He was relieved to discover that this corner of The Sahara Desert had changed very little since his last visit. The full account of his journey in 1982 can be read in his excellent book “A Desert Dies”.
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Banged up – Manilla

Travelled to Manilla to film a “Banged Up Abroad” episode for Raw Television. Directed by Fergus Colville, produced by Ros Davidson and starring Joy Nash.

The Philippines was our location, but the story was actually set in Thailand. Joy Nash was our drug mule and for such a happy, smiley person she spent most of her days looking distressed, confused and scared while acting out the story in various locations including an enormous women’s prison near Manilla. Our extras were real prisoners, which made for an interesting time. On several occasions I would be chatting to a sweet old lady to discover she had been sentenced many years ago for murder or some other awful crime. The real heartbreak was when the women prisoners were telling me about the children they had left behind.


Aung San Suu Kyi: The Choice

Director Angus MacQueen
Producer Sue Summers
Finestripe productions & Ronachan Films for BBC2
Filming in Burma, The Netherlands and UK

Once again, Angus manages to give me another great adventure. This time flying in to Burma to interview Aung San Suu Kyi at her home where she spent many years under house arrest. We had no official permissions to film her and as usual the levels of paranoia were running high with stories of hotel rooms being bugged and the feeling of always being watched by the authorities.
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Sonny Rollins: Beyond the Notes

BeBop Productions for BBC Arena series
Director: Dick Fontaine
Producer: Gugulethu Mseleku
Location: New York

A rare opportunity to work with the legendary Dick Fontaine who has directed many fine documentaries since the 1960’s.

Shortlisted for the Grierson Award in 2012

Sonny Rollins Beyond the Notes Trailer 1’37” on Vimeo