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The Confessions of Thomas Quick

Director – Brian Hill

The Truth behind Sweden’s most notorious serial killer. In cinemas from August 2015

Last Words- The Battle for Arnhem Bridge

Directed and filmed by Roger Chapman

A moving and poignant account of the Battle of Arnhem by those who were there. Independently made documentary. Available on DVD from September 2015

Dark Horse

Director – Louise Osmond

Additional Photography credit on this Sundance Award winning documentary drama about a race horse born and bred in a depressed mining village in South Wales. Cinema release 17th April , 2015

Richard Hammond’s Jungle Quest

Director – Graham Booth

Additional photography on Sky 1 documentary about Richard Hammond’s photographic exploration of the Amazon rainforest.

Paths of Blood

Director – Jonathan Hacker

Documentary series about the battle against Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia

School Morning

Director – Partick Collerton

Part of the Tobacco Health advertising campaign – Grand Prix at the Roses Creative Awards

The Winter Wonder – Florin Street Band

Director – Jackson Kingsley

Music video as part of the Florin Street Christmas musical.

Locked Up Abroad – Manilla

Director – Fergus Colville

Raw Television for National Geographic Channel.

Aung San Suu Kyi: The Choice

Director – Angus MacQueen

FineStripe Productions and Ronachan Films for BBC2.

Objects of Desire

Director – Anna Thomson

Storyvault Films for Sky Arts with Mariella Fostrup.


Director – Patrick Collerton

Commercials campaign.

Darcey Dances Hollwood

Director – Michael Waldman

Blast Films for BBC Christmas special.

Sonny Rollins – This Is Who I Am

Director – Dick Fontaine

BBC Arena series.

Walking With Giants

Director – Jeremy Wooding

Johnny Walker campaign.

Self Made

Director – Gillian Wearing

Turner Prize winning artist, Gillian Wearing, directs her debut feature documentary. Seven members of the public are taken on a moving journey through a method acting workshop before starring in their own films.

Ingrid Betancourt

Director – Angus MacQueen

A feature length documentary about the extraordinary story of capture, captivity and escape in the jungle. Colombian politician, Ingrid Betancourt, was held by the Guerilla group, FARC, for more than six years before an amazing rescue operation by the Colombian army.

Morris: A life with Bells On

Director – Lucy Akhurst

This Feature comedy movie follows the fortunes of an avant garde Morris team in their struggle to evolve Morris Dancing. See the trailer

Climate of Change

Director – Brian Hill

Following on from Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, this feature length environmental documentary portrays ordinary people around the world who are striving to make the world a better place.

How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin

Director – Leslie Woodhead

The story of a secret revolution that led to the fall of communism. BBC4 documentary.

Wabi Sabi

Director – Richard Alwyn

A traditional Japanese aesthetic sensibility based on an appreciation of the transient beauty of the physical world. BBC4 documentary.

“Asda” & “NatWest”

Director – Patrick Collerton

Commercials campaign.

Victorian Sex Explorer

Director – Michael Waldman

Rupert Everett re-traces the steps of the infamous explorer, Sir Richard Burton. Channel 4.
BAFTA documentary cameraman craft awards – nomination.

A Boy Called Alex

Director – Stephen Walker

A moving documentary about a 16 year old musical prodigy who suffers from cystic fybrosis. Channel 4.

Royal Navy

Director – Kevin Macdonald

Commercials campaign.


Director – Brian Hill

A unique film about rape. A scripted drama that goes to trial in front of a real judge and jury. Channel 4.
Grierson Award – Best Drama Documentary.

Geldof In Africa

Director – John Maguire

Somaliland, Puntland and Ethiopa in a six part series for BBC 1 with Sir Bob Geldoff.
Cameraman Guild award.

Discovery Atlas – Brazil Revealed

Director – Graham Booth

A 97 minute documentary. Brazil through the eyes of it’s people.

Colombus: The Last Voyage

Director – Anna Thomson

A 120 minute drama for the History Channel.

Iran Hostage Rescue

Director – Clara Glynn

A 60 minute drama about the siege by students of the American Embassy in Iran and the disastrous consequences of the rescue operation. Part of the BBC 1 series “Surviving Disaster”.


Director – Angus Macqueen

A three part documentary series for Channel 4 looking at the impact of cocaine production in South America.
BAFTA Factual series – nomination.

If… Women Ruled The World

Director – Ursula Macfarlane

BBC Drama documentary.

Zero Hour – Terror In Toyko

Director – John Hacker

Drama documentary for the “Zero Hour” series. Channel 4 and Discovery.

Bella and the Boys

Director – Brian Hill

BBC drama set in a children’s care home starring Billie Piper.

The Genius of Mozart

Directors – Andy King-Dabbs & Ursula Macfarlane

Three part drama series for BBC Music and Arts (films 2 & 3).

George III

Director – Clare Wally

Drama Documentary for BBC Timewatch.

The Last Peasants

Director – Angus Macqueen

A series of three films looking at the impact of economic migration on a small Romanian village. Channel 4.
Royal Television Society Awards – Photography and Best Documentary Series
“An outstanding series with stunningly beautiful photography….”
Grierson Award – Best Documentary Series
Kodak Award – Best Documentary
Prix Europa – TV Non-Fiction

Marie Antoinette

Director – Ursula Macfarlane

Drama documentary for BBC Reputations series.

I Met Adolf Eichmann

Director – Clara Glynn

This 90 minute BBC2 documentary reveals the man behind the faceless bureaucrat.

Headhunters of the Amazon


A group of explorers travel down river from Ecuador into northern Peru in search of the Shuar tribe. Nat Geo TV.


Director – Christeen Winford

30 minute short drama set in a home for the elderly. Scottish Screen, Scottish TV and Grampian TV.


Director – Graham Booth

Six Part Series by Tigress Productions for National Geographic Television.

Down The Ganges


A 50 minute documentary for Discovery Channel. A spiritual voyage of discovery.


Director – Leslie Woodhead

A look at the Russian nuclear missile industry. An Antelope production for NOVA/WGBH and the BBC.


Series Producer – David Hickman

David Hickman.

Killing Time

Director – Brian Hill

The feature length film of Simon Armitage’s 1000-line millennium poem, broadcast on New Year’s Day. Channel 4.


Director – Joanna Bailey

Channel 4 documentary.

Kung Fu Monks of Shaolin

Director – Leslie Woodhead

An Antelope production for the BBC2 series, “Under The Sun”.

Julia – A Change of Sex

Director – David Pearson

The extraordinary life story of a transexual called Julia. BBC Bristol.

In The Footsteps Of Bruce Chatwin

Director – Paul Yule

Two 60 minute films for a Bookmark special. Berwick Universal Pictures and Little Bird production for BBC2.


Director – Nick O’Dwyer

A film that explores the fraction of a second from a trigger being pulled, to the bullet finding its target. Channel 4.

Agas and Their Owners

Director – Jane Treays

The British middle class’s passion for the most eccentric of cookers. BBC features.

The Chair

Director – Nick O’Dwyer

“A modern method of killing” – the electric chair. Documentary drama for Channel 4.

What Sort Of Gentleman Are You After?

Director – Jane Treays

The story of Melbourne’s most successful heterosexual prostitute. BBC production for “Under The Sun”
RTS award nomination – best documentary.


Director – Nick O’Dwyer

Events that changed peoples’ lives and the bystanders who became involved. BBC Modern Times.

The Return Of Zog

Director – Peter Dale

The King returns to Albania after 58 years in exile and tries to reclaim his throne. BBC Modern Times.

“Doors” & “Video Diaries”

Director – Dominic Murphy

Volkswagen commercials. Agency – BMP DDB Needham. Production company – Produktion.

Urban Cowboys

Director – Erin Cotter

The young people of a Dublin housing estate and their passion for horses. Channel 4 Short Stories.

The Flickering Flame

Director – Ken Loach

The struggle of workers and their families at Liverpool Docks. Parallax Pictures for BBC Modern Times.

Chiff-Chaff Chums

Director – Lorraine Charker

Following sixty Girl Guides from Grimsby on their annual summer camp. Fulcrum Productions for BBC2.

The Zone

Director – Dan Reed

A film about the American and Russian peace keeping forces after the war in Bosnia. BBC Modern Times.

Great Ormond Street

Series Producer – Polly Bide

BBC documentaries.
BAFTA documentary cameraman craft awards – nomination.