Self Made

“Self Made is a work of real originality” – The Times
“It’s a raw and emotionally powerful film” – MoMA International Festival of Nonfiction Film and Media
“Documentary segues into drama, and the film is a lucid, concise précis of a project of great emotional intensity” – Time Out

Climate of Change

“Never less than stunning” – The New York Times
“Half eco-docu, half art” – Variety
“Many of the shots are simply breathtaking….. Near-hallucinogenic journeys with (Tilda) Swinton, the most delicious of which is a trip to the snow-frosted Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway” – Tribeca Film Festival Review

The Last Peasants

“An outstanding series with stunningly beautiful photography” – Royal Television Society Programme Awards – Jury’s comments
“A beautifully crafted chronicle” – The Guardian


“A beautiful, stunningly shot and poignant commentary on contemporary Japan’s least understood cultural caste” – Channel 4

Cocaine:Leo And Ze

“The term documentary is inadequate to describe this beautifully shot and utterly absorbing portrait of life in the favelas” – The Evening Standard
“Documentaries don’t come much better than Cocaine… the story unfolds by itself, unimpeded by artifice…. the simplicity and resonance of great tragedy” – The Telegraph

Morris: A Life With Bells On

“Cinematographer Roger Chapman defied the film’s tiny budget and terrible weather of last summer to present a glorious evocation of a rural England where the sun is always golden” – Country Life magazine
“A film about Morris dancing, described as ‘The Full Monty with bells on’, has become a cult hit” – The Telegraph

Discovery Atlas – Brazil Revealed

“One of the most beautifully photographed and moving documentaries I have ever watched” – Michael Brierly director/cameraman – Cape Town