Spent most of October in The Sudan. The North Kordofan region is approximately 300 miles west of Khartoum. I travelled with author and explorer, Michael Asher, as we retraced his footsteps along the Wadi El Malik, a journey he first undertook over 30 years ago. He was relieved to discover that this corner of The Sahara Desert had changed very little since his last visit. The full account of his journey in 1982 can be read in his excellent book “A Desert Dies”.

Personally I found the whole experience very spiritual. Being at peace in a vast space with no modern communications.  Everywhere we went we met friendly people who live a minimalist lifestyle in perfect balance with this beautiful land. We travelled approximately 150 miles across the hot desert at a walking pace by camel and by foot, finding water in local wells, eating freshly slaughtered goat and camping under the stars.

This was my final trip for my photographic essay called “The Camel”. It is a personal project I started in 2011 looking at nomadic peoples, fragile ecosystems, desertification and man’s existence with desert lands and water. Other countries have included India, Mongolia and The United Arab Emirates.